A team of accountants, advisors, and CPAs.

We focus on providing modern accounting and advising services to business owners and their businesses.

A forward-thinking, blue-horizon approach.

When new horizons open up, it's a lot easier to move into those waters with a cutter sailboat than it is a lumbering cargo ship. There are new opportunities everywhere and we want to take advantage of them as they happen. Being a smaller firm allows us to pursue a progressive philosophy that larger firms just can't compete with.

Journeys aren't a one-size-fits-all type of experience and we don’t think your accounting guide should be either.
Our team

We're a remote team with an office in Bozeman, Montana.

Jim's profile
Technical Guide

Jim Runyan, CPA


  • Individual and business tax preparation
  • Tax planning and consulting
  • Business consulting and guidance
  • Cash and accrual accounting
Jonathan's profile
Insights Guide

Jonathan Runyan


  • Business insight coaching and consulting
  • Business guidance
  • Integrating online software solutions
  • Individual and business tax preparation
Erin's profile
Insights Guide and Lead Coordinator

Erin Williams


  • Individual tax preparation
  • Project management
  • Client onboarding
  • Software solutions, including Basecamp
Jen's profile
Technical Guide and Lead Accountant

Jen Matson, CPA


  • Individual and business tax preparation
  • Tax planning and consulting
  • Business consulting
  • Cash and accrual accounting
peaceful pond in the winter
Payroll Guide and Lead Accountant

Emily Fulbright


  • Payroll and payroll reporting
  • Gusto
  • Monthly accounting processes
  • Sales tax reporting

Remote but not alone

We’ve been a remote company for over a decade so we were prepared when 2020 hit. Whether it’s having a one-on-one call with your Technical Guide over Meet, hopping on Zoom to get together with your entire accounting team, or sending a quick message to your Lead Accountant in Basecamp, we have the tools available for you to collaborate with us.

Yellowstone backcountry
our base camp is Bozeman, Montana (image of Montana outlined with 'X' marking Bozeman's location)

Still curious?

A Certified Public Accountant is an accountant that is licensed by the state to provide accounting services to the public. At a minimum, they have completed 150 semester units of college education, one year of accounting-related experience, and have passed the CPA exam.

In order to practice as a CPA, one must follow a strict code of ethics while maintaining and updating their skills through continuing professional education. This allows them to stay up to date on the latest tax and accounting changes. It also makes them a trusted advisor with comprehensive knowledge in their area of expertise. All CPAs are accountants but not all accountants are CPAs.

A key difference between a CPA firm and a tax preparation company is the education, licensure, and training requirements for each. Because of this, a CPA firm is able to provide additional guidance and support that unlicensed preparers cannot, including unlimited representation before the IRS for audit, payment, and collection issues.

Other advantages to working with our firm include minimizing your tax liability, access to additional tax planning services, and the ability to understand your tax situation better through tax insight and guidance sessions. For those with businesses, we're also able to provide ongoing bookkeeping, payroll, and business guidance services throughout the year. A good CPA will not only ensure your tax numbers are correct but will take you beyond the numbers and look at the big picture, helping you get to a better place than you were in before.

Yes and we would love to work with you! Please fill out our short Get Started form to get started.
We serve a broad range of clients across the country that include individuals, self-proprietors, corporations, and partnerships. Our clients range from new startups to established companies with over $5 million in revenue and include various industries such as contractors, professional services, agriculture, commercial & residential real estate, entertainment, automotive services, technology and consulting.
No! Our clients are located in numerous locations across the state and the country, along with members of our staff. In fact, some of our largest clients are located outside of the Bozeman area. We are a remote firm and are able to work with our clients easily over the internet. We use QuickBooks Online, Zoom, Basecamp, and various other technologies to make working together online a breeze.