We're a team of accountants, advisors, and CPAs based in Bozeman, Montana.

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What We Believe
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Life happens.

In life, there are many paths to achieving success - there isn't only one way of doing things. Just because we’re doing it a certain way now doesn’t mean we can't change course in the future. Change is one of the few constants in life, so why fight it? Instead, let's use it to our advantage and see where it takes us. Don’t resist change, embrace it.

Know what to expect.

If there are many paths to success, how do we decide on the best course? By having the right information at the right time to take the action that is right for us. Knowing what to expect beforehand saves time, money, and hopefully even a little stress. Our best clients know this and allow us to be their guide for the journey ahead.

One size doesn’t fit all.

We’re not for everyone and we don’t want to be. Journeys are not a “One Size Fits All” type of experience and we don’t think your guide should be either. This is why we focus on providing modern accounting and advising services to business owners. It’s also why we are so intentional with our onboarding process.

Modern accounting is here.

As a driver of change, we believe technology to be a tool to utilize and embrace. We no longer have to be tied down to desktop software, paper documents, or even a physical location (we work remotely just as much as in our office). It allows us to accommodate our clients’ changing lifestyle and needs with our own. When you combine this with our forward-thinking philosophies and processes, you have a firm that is ready and excited to meet the future.

Size Matters

We’re small and we like it that way.

We're based in Montana for a reason and it’s not because we want to spend our lives climbing ladders that lead to nowhere. Being small allows us to enjoy a philosophy and lifestyle that can be difficult to come by in larger firms.

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Our Guides
Based in Montana, available from anywhere.
Jim Runyan
Jim Runyan, CPA

Technical Guide

Jonathan Runyan
Jonathan Runyan

Insights Guide

Erin Williams
Erin Williams


Shannon Sullivan
Shannon Sullivan, CPA

Lead Accountant

Jen Matson
Jen Matson, CPA

Technical Guide and Lead Accountant

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Emily Fulbright

Payroll Guide