Tax Package Features

Here's How They Work

Regardless of which package you sign up for, each one comes with the same basic set of features and services listed under the Essential Items section below. Our basic Alpine package limits the number of tax items prepared and features offered. It also requires more of your time: you summarize your data and fill out a tax organizer, we enter the information. In return for you doing the extra work, we’re able to offer a fixed price. However, if your tax situation is more complex, or if you’d prefer us to do more of the work, our more advanced Bridger package offers more features than Alpine with no restrictions. In return for these features and flexibility, you pay a $350 base price and we bill the rest by the hour.

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You do the work, we file the return


  • Fixed Price
  • Essential Items
  • Input Meeting
  • Exit Meeting - $100 Add-on
  • Up to $500 in Tax Notice Support - $100 Add-on
  • Limited Tax Items Prepared
  • Montana Returns Only
  • Extension Payment Estimates Not Included
  • All Data Must Be Summarized*
  • Tax Organizer Required
  • Upfront Payment: $495 + Any Add-ons
Tax Prep Items
  • Tax preparation is limited to Schedule A (excluding form 2106 and non-cash charitable over $499) and up to 10 of the following items:
  • W2
  • 1099 INT/DIV
  • Alimony received
  • 10 sale of stock transactions
  • 1099-R
  • HSA contribution
  • Unemployment income
  • Social security income
  • Student loan interest
  • Child tax credit
  • *Any data we have to summarize will be billed additionally at our hourly rates.
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You choose how much work you want to do

$350 + Tax Prep

  • Price Varies Depending on Prep Time
  • Essential Items
  • Input Meeting
  • Exit Meeting
  • Up to $500 in Tax Notice Support
  • Unlimited Tax Items Prepared
  • Any State Return
  • Extension Payment Estimates Billed Hourly If Necessary
  • Summarized Data Is Optional
  • Tax Organizer Optional
  • Upfront Payment: $600**
Tax Prep Items
  • Tax preparation will be billed based on our hourly rates and will vary depending on complexity of return and organization of data. For clients who are looking to lower their preparation fees, we recommend filling out our tax organizer and summarizing the data you give to us as this will help save us time and better-ensure the accuracy of your tax return.
  • The final preparation amount will be added to the $350 base price of the Bridger package.
  • **Your upfront payment will be $600: $350 is for the base package and the remaining $250 will be applied towards your tax preparation fees. If your total costs go over the $600, your balance will be due upon completion of the return. If your fees total less than $600, any remaining balance will be rolled forward and applied to future work prepared by us.

Essential Items

Every package comes with these basic features.

New-Client Setup

We enter your carryforward info for free.

Tax Organizer

Your personalized organizer will be available after the first year we prepare your return.

Client Portal

Use our client portal to send and receive documents.


Sign your tax return from anywhere there's internet.

Scanning of Tax Data

Scanning in your tax data allows us to work on it digitally.

Printing of Tax Return

We print your final tax return in the format of your choosing (paper or PDF).

Tax Extension

As long as we have your basic info, we'll file your tax extension if necessary.

Certified Mailing

Any documents needing to be mailed will be sent by Certified Mail for tracking.

Individual Tax Packages

Why We're Trying Something (Kind of) Different

While billing for and paying for services by the hour has many benefits, perhaps the biggest drawback is it makes it difficult to have a good idea of how much our services are going to cost. We tried giving quotes but quickly realized we weren't very good at it. Inevitably, something usually came up that made the return more complex than originally expected and the quote was no longer applicable. However, after spending many years fine-tuning our processes and many hours coming up with ways to do things differently, we think we've found a way to combine our billing-by-the-hour philosophy with packages that have certain features and services already built in.