How We Price Ourselves

Investing In Our Services

We've been billing by the hour from the beginning. However, we also recognize the benefits that come with value pricing and subscription packages. While we still believe billing by the hour makes sense for certain services, we are now offering monthly subscription packages for business owners and their businesses. These packages are discussed in more detail here. But first, let's discuss our billing rates.

Why We Bill by the Hour

When we first opened shop, we did a lot of flat rate billing projects and lost money on most of them. We weren't good at pricing and we weren't good at setting expectations and boundaries. This meant that clients who organized their data very clearly and made our jobs easier were paying as much for our services as clients who required us to go through boxes of receipts and figure out what was what. We didn't think this was fair to our well-organized clients and we also knew we couldn't keep losing money on good work we were doing for those who required more time. This is where billing by the hour comes in. By using hourly billing rates, well-organized, less-complex clients are rewarded with lower fees while those with more complex engagements or "messy" data are still able to hire us as long as they are willing to pay the higher fees related to the time it takes organizing it.

Our Hourly Rates and Fees
  • Jim $175 - $200
  • Jonathan $85 - $125
  • Katie $70 - $85
  • Erin $65 - $75
  • Clerical $58
  • Technology and Processing Fee $60 per tax return
  • Additional Ind. State Filing Fee $42 per state
  • Additional Bus. State Filing Fee $56 per state
  • Other Fees and Expenses $Varies