Navigating the course.

Use Your Equipment

If you don't have them already, we'll set you up with essential items such as QuickBooks Online, Receipt Bank, and Basecamp accounts to get you synced up and ready for your day-to-day needs. Because QuickBooks Online works with so many third-party apps, we're able to customize it to fit your needs, such as syncing with your bank and credit card accounts as well as Paypal, Square, Shopify and many others.

Plan Your Route

The planning process can be some of the most valuable time you spend on your journey. We help outline your plan of attack, highlighting the areas to pay attention to while also giving you a better idea of where you currently stand. Discussing this throughout the year during your guidance sessions allows you to take advantage of opportunities as they happen instead of waiting until the end of the year when it might be too late.

Analyze Your Business

Financial statements are a great starting point for understanding your business but, if you want to go deeper, they need to tell you their story. We can do this by using tools like data dashboards, cash flow analysis, and profit improvement. We can then combine your numbers with your processes to evaluate where you're succeeding and where you may be struggling and come up with an actionable plan that keeps you moving forward.

Unlock Your Potential

Not for the faint of heart, this step can require serious self-evaluation and introspection. Once you've built the foundations of your business, it may be time to focus on your transformation potential through one-on-one growth sessions. These sessions are meant to unlock your potential by thinking differently, taking you from where you've been to where you want to go. Areas of focus are: unlocking new ideas; business differentiation; dealing with growing pains; self-accountability; and profit improvement through value discovery. It's up to you!

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Our Products

We offer customized packages catered to you.

We focus on providing year-round, continual service to business owners and their businesses. Thanks to this focus, we're able to design packages based on your specific needs, taking into account your situation and combining it with our strengths. This means all the packages we offer include tax preparation for both your individual and your business returns in addition to all of the monthly, quarterly, and annual services we'll be providing. Think of our packages along the monthly subscription model: all your agreed-upon services for the year are included in one monthly price.

Before we create your package offerings, we'll want to get to know you better. To do this, we've designed our client onboarding process to revolve around what we like to call the "discovery phase" of the process. Early on in the discovery phase, we'll have a general conversation with you to help us uncover the different types of value we can provide. After our conversation, we'll then continue working with you to narrow in on the specifics of your situation.

Once we've completed the discovery phase, we'll design several package options for you to choose from. We'll then be able to decide together what works best for you and your situation. Doing it this way means you know from the beginning what services we’ll be providing and how much you'll be paying on a monthly basis.

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