Building a stronger business model.

Service Levels pyramid (three levels)

We’ve found there to be three main development stages that each business and owner has to go through: laying the foundation, gaining awareness, and then implementing the transformation. To help you move through these stages, we’ve developed a service model in which each level has its own focus and builds on the awareness gained in the prior level. The level you choose will depend on where you’re at with your business and what you’re looking to get out of your experience.

an open path
hill chart outlining our onboarding process

Our onboarding for business clients.

Before we begin any kind of long-term commitment together, we'll get to know each other better by going through our two-part onboarding process. The first part is our Discovery phase and typically takes three to six weeks. The second part is our Onboarding Phase and will take four months.

hill chart highlighting the discovery phase

An opportunity to discover.

To begin the onboarding process and initiate the Discovery phase, you'll need to fill out our online form. Once we receive your form, we'll email you our Calendly link to get your Discovery chat scheduled. This chat is an in-depth conversation that will help us uncover the value you're looking for and match it with the services we provide. You can expect it to be up to an hour in length and focus on the big picture. After your chat, we'll get some additional items to check the current state of your Level 1 services (accounting-, payroll-, and tax-related items).

hill chart highlighting the discovery phase

Laying the foundation.

The Onboarding phase is a 4-month trial period that commences with a team kickoff session where you'll meet your accounting team and go over the plan of attack. We'll then lead you through onboarding items such as Basic Training sessions with your CPA, software walkthroughs with your Lead Accountant, and payroll setup with your Payroll Guide. During this time, we'll also be performing any cleanup necessary to get you on a solid footing and ready for your foundational items.

Once your onboarding is complete, we'll be able to start performing your ongoing services. Ongoing services include the following foundational items: regular cleanup of your books (monthly or quarterly depending on your size); preparation of your business and individual tax returns; an insight session to go over your tax returns once they've been completed; a mid-year review session for smaller clients and quarterly guidance sessions for larger clients; and finally a year-end review and planning session in December.

Service Levels pyramid (three levels)

Going beyond the fundamentals.

If everything goes well, at the end of your trial period you'll have the option of discussing Care Package services with Jonathan and Erin. Care Packages are custom-built around your specific wants and needs and go beyond the foundational services performed during your onboarding. Think of it along the monthly subscription model: all of your agreed-upon services for the next 12 months are included in one monthly price instead of the hourly billing that will occur during onboarding.

If you find a package that works for you, we'll begin those services upon the completion of your onboarding. If you'd rather stick with our foundational services, that's great too! We'll be happy to continue providing them and will be available to discuss package options in the future if you ever change your mind.

hill chart highlighting the path instead of the stops

Taking the long view.

We’ve designed our onboarding around the idea that we’ll be working together for many months and years to come, which means it makes sense to get to know each other beforehand. We want to see what types of value we can bring while also making sure it’s a good, strong fit. Check out our What We Believe statement to get to know us a little better.

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