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We're looking for a CPA to join our team

Position: Remote Senior Accountant CPA
Hours: 32 - 40+ hours
Total Compensation: $75,000 - $110,000 (including performance-based bonuses), plus benefits

We’re looking for a client-facing CPA to join us as we focus on our growing niche of advising business owners and their businesses. Because you’ll need to get up to speed quickly, work directly with clients, and help manage and oversee workloads, you should have at least five years of public accounting experience, be strong in QuickBooks and tax preparation, and have a current CPA license. Initially, you'll be working closely with other team members to better understand our processes and our clients. As you become familiar with things, you'll be expected to manage your workload on your own while still asking questions and getting feedback when needed.

On a typical day, you’ll be checking in with team members and clients through Basecamp, reviewing and updating clients’ books in QuickBooks, preparing and reviewing individual and business tax returns, assisting other team members with questions and prioritizations, and maybe even having a one-on-one consulting session with a client to go over their monthly performance or tax return. Occasionally you’ll also help onboard a new client and get them set up and comfortable with our processes and technologies (such as transferring their books to QBO and making sure they take a proactive approach in working with us). If you’re located in the Bozeman area and wish to come in to the office, you have that capability. Otherwise, this position is fully remote as long as you’re based in the continental U.S.

We believe in taking care of our staff. In addition to our lower hours, flexible and limited schedules, and remote capabilities, other benefits we offer are paid continuing education and licensing fees, health and dental insurance, a 3% company-matching SIMPLE IRA plan, eight paid holidays, and paid time off. You’ll also be eligible to participate in our performance-based bonus plans.

We’re looking for someone who’s ready to do the best work of their career and partner with us for the long-term – without risking their health, sanity, or life outside of work. We don’t buy into the idea that working hard means working late or working weekends - unless it’s by choice. We don’t live to work; we work to live. We don’t work 60- or 80-hour weeks during tax season and we don’t work overtime outside of it. We choose to be small because it allows us to set our own course given what’s best for our clients and ourselves. During tax season, you'll normally be working 40 hours each week. Outside of tax season, you'll be working 32 - 40 hours per week.

Our technology stack
  • QuickBooks Online and Desktop
  • Basecamp
  • ReceiptBank
  • Fathom
  • Lacerte Tax
  • OfficeTools
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • DocuSign
Other considerations
  • You’ll have to be able to work remotely with clients just as well as you do in-person. As we continue focusing on our advisory niche, most of the work you'll be doing will be through the cloud. You’ll still be meeting with clients face-to-face — that just might mean over Hangouts or Zoom rather than in the office.
  • Your accountability will be based on the results you produce, not just the hours you work. Our shift to value-pricing is part of this. We’re here to serve our clients and help them grow. Busy-work doesn’t serve anybody.
  • We don’t have annual performance reviews. If you do a good job in May, we’ll know it in May. If you goof up in August, we aren’t going to wait until December to discuss ways to improve.
  • We love technology and we hope you do too. If you love trying new technology to solve old problems, we might be a good fit.
  • We change. A lot. Just because we’re doing it a particular way now doesn’t mean we always have to be doing it that way in the future. As we learn better ways of doing things, we implement new processes, technology, and ideas.
  • We’re particular and we’re intentional. We say no a lot (especially to prospective clients) because we know it's the only way we can successfully serve our clients. We’re not for everyone and we don’t want to be.
  • Our firm is small and we like it that way. We're based out of Montana for a reason and it’s not because we want to spend our lives climbing ladders that lead to nowhere. Being small allows us to enjoy a philosophy and lifestyle that can be difficult to come by in larger firms.
Still interested?

Great! Here are a few more things you should know:

  • We have a long-standing history of favoring candidates who put extra effort into their applications, particularly their cover letter. We want to know you’re qualified, but more importantly that you want this job and not just any job. Show us why you’re the individual we’re looking for. To get an idea of what we mean, read this great article: https://signalvnoise.com/posts/1748-forget-the-resume-kill-on-the-cover-letter.
  • Just as we’re particular when it comes to our clients, we’re also particular when it comes to who we hire. We’re looking for the person who fits us best, which means we’re willing and able to make it work when we find a great fit. We care more about your personality and how you’ll fit in with our team than we do about the check marks on your resume.
  • When you’re ready, send an email to resumes@runyancpa.com with the words SENIOR ACCOUNTANT CPA in the subject. Be sure to include your cover letter and resume.