A Guide Along Your Journey

There are many paths to success. To navigate them the best way possible, it helps to have a plan and know what to look for along the way. That’s where we come in.

Navigating the Course

We know what it's like to start a new journey.

We also know what it's like to change course midway through. We've been helping clients for over twenty years, which means we've experienced a few ups and downs ourselves. We know all about the time and dedication it takes to see a quest through and that's why we're here: to help guide you through the many opportunities and challenges you'll encounter along your journey. By bringing us on as your guide, we can help you stay on top of your business, accounting, and taxation needs, allowing you to focus on the course ahead.

What We Do
Here's what we can help you with.

Individuals and businesses, estates, gifts, and trusts. Rarely simplified and always changing, tax laws aren't meant to make our lives easier. To help clarify these challenges and opportunities, we offer tax preparation and planning services for US residents across the country. Check out our tax packages for individuals to see if there's one that's right for you.

Accounting and Payroll

QuickBooks, financial statements, accounts payable and receivable, payroll and reporting, bank reconciliation, profit improvement, controller services and more. Let us manage your accounting and payroll obligations so you can focus on what you do best.

Stay tuned for our small business services packages.

Consulting and Support

Tax notices, estate and financial planning, litigation support, cash flow analysis, bank financing and more. Life doesn't always go according to plan and we'll be there to help.

New for 2018

Up to $500 in tax notice support is now available with our tax services for the clients we serve.

Business Startups

Entity options, EIN, name registration, discussing articles of organization, and more. We'll help guide you through the numerous complexities of starting a new business. For our Montana clients, we have a free business package that details the necessary steps needed to satisfy Montana's requirements and provides you with some of the necessary forms to get you started.


QuickBooks setup, cleanup, payroll, remote support and more. Just starting out? We will sit down with you and go over what you need to do to set up your company, create your chart of accounts, and map out your monthly processing routines. Already set up but need some help? We can clean up your books and provide you with journal entries or take over from where you left off.

Business Analysis

When it comes to understanding your business, financial statements are just the beginning. In order to go further and find the opportunities that can take you to the next level, you need those numbers to tell you their story. By combining your numbers with your processes, we can evaluate where you're succeeding and where you may be struggling and come up with an actionable plan that keeps you moving forward.

Who We Are
Based in Bozeman, available from anywhere.
Jim Runyan
Jim Runyan, CPA

Founder and Owner

Jonathan Runyan
Jonathan Runyan

COO and Owner

Katie Messina
Katie Messina

Staff Accountant

Size Matters

We’re small and we like it that way.

We're in Bozeman for a reason and it’s not because we want to spend our lives climbing ladders that lead to nowhere. We like to be flexible and we like to be nimble - even in the staid world of accounting, life can change quickly. Being small allows us to enjoy a philosophy and lifestyle that can be difficult to come by in larger firms.


We’ve been using technology for decades to make our accounting lives easier. With the advent of key technologies like client portals, digital signatures, remote support, SaaS, and Skype, we’re able to connect with you no matter where you are.

Client portals. Securely access your documents online through your private account.

Digital signatures. Not in the Bozeman area? No problem! Sign your documents (including your tax return) electronically.

Online payments. Pay your invoices online using your client portal account.

Tax Planning

The planning process can be some of the most valuable time you spend on your journey.

Getting ready for the road ahead can be fun and exciting, but it can also feel overwhelming. We can help outline your plan of attack, highlighting the areas to pay attention to while also giving you a better idea of where you currently stand.